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Steve's Favorite Chess Links

Here are some great sites for everything you want to know about chess, from how to play to Chess Art.

Chess.com - And you can Click Here to learn how to play chess for beginners and intermediate players.

Chess-Poster.com - Lots of fun information

The US Chess Federation (USCF) - To find out what is happening in the world of chess, find chess clubs, tournaments, player rankings, etc.

The Entertaining Game of Chess - This is an interesting page with a lot of great links. This was sent from Natalie from the P2E Youth Group.

Kids Games: A guide To Playing Chess - A good start for the basics of chess.

Here are some fun chess sites to look at

Chess Sets being made in India

Elizabethgann.com - Simply amazing chess sets.

AntiqueChessShop.com - Antique Chess Sets for sell.

Chess Antiques Online Antiques sets from around the worlds