Straight Up Chess - Vertical Chess Boards and Sets

These unique chess boards Hang on the wall like Art and are designed to play a casual game right where it hangs

"I can't imagine playing on a flat
board again, this is way too much fun."

- Nick Vuolo
office straight up chess board decoration

Straight Up Chess, one of the world's most unique chess sets and now patented. As you pass by, make your move, mark it with the “Last move” marker and go on your way. Later your opponent stops by, makes their move and the game continues. Finally, a piece of "functional" art that will add an element of class to your home or office decor.

TO BUILD YOUR OWN, start with 'Chess Boards' on the menu. Select the background and then click to select the frame to build the Straight Up Chess board that best fits your decor. Add the board to your cart, then you can click to add the chess pieces to finish your set. You can also view our complete chess set section for a full range of ideas where you can purchase the board with all the pieces at one low price. If you are new to Straight Up Chess, please take a few minutes and read the About Straight Up Chess section for a complete history and all of the neat details about our one-of-a-kind hanging chess boards.

If you have questions or need help with your order, please call at 720-837-0114 or send email to

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