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Straight Up Chess

The Original Wall Mounted Vertical Chess Boards

They hang on the wall like Art but are designed for a casual game of chess.

As you pass by, make your move, mark it "Last Move" and go on your way.

  • Featured Item 1

    Complete Standard Sets

    Standard size boards are for 3" kings. These sets include the chess pieces, all for one price. Normally ship in 1 to 2 days.

    Average overall size 22x34".

  • Featured Item 2

    Small Complete sets

    Small complete sets with 2 to 2.5" kings. Ship in 1 to 2 days.

    The average overall size for 2.5" king boards is 20x30". And for 2" king boards is 19x26"

  • Featured Item 3

    Design Your Own

    Here you can design a board sized for your own chess pieces from 2 to 4.5" kings. Custom sizes for 3.25" to 4.5" sets ship in 2 to 3 weeks.

    Or select a board background, frame, and one of our sets to design a complete set to fit your decor.

  • Featured Item 4

    Chess Pieces

    Most of the sets we offer are 3" king sizes for my Standard size boards,

  • Featured Item 5

    Cribbage Boards

    This link will take you to my Etsy page where I keep all my cribbage boards. Here are a few of my designs, from travel size to Large peg versions and many custom options.

My Straight Up Chess Story

Many years ago, I delved into woodturning as a hobby, crafting various pieces. One ambitious project led me to create a colossal chess set: the kings towering at 11" tall, accompanied by a 44" square table and custom push sticks for maneuvering the pieces. This majestic set has journeyed through different spaces, from my parents' home to my own, my office, and even others' offices. However, in 2007, seeking a more space-efficient solution, inspiration struck during a tedious phone hold. Contemplating the possibility of wall-mounted shelves to showcase the pieces, I mused, "What if I could still play chess while it hangs?" Thus began my quest, scouring the web for similar concepts, only to find none. Determined, I embarked on designing my own. Initially envisioning a square board, I encountered challenges with standard chess pieces' fit. After weeks of brainstorming, a breakthrough emerged during a Thanksgiving drive with my wife. Frustration turned to clarity as I realized the solution: adapt the board to fit existing chess sets. Pulling over on the interstate, I feverishly crunched numbers, birthing the concept of vertical, wall-mounted chess boards. Months of meticulous work followed, leading to the founding of my one-man operation and the pursuit of a patent. Since then, crafting these boards has evolved into my full-time passion. Nearly 10,000 Straight Up Chess boards later, they've traversed the globe, finding homes with world chess champions, prestigious offices, actors, and even a renowned architect on the French Riviera catering to the elite.