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About Straight Up Chess

About Straight Up Chess boards

Unique Vertical Chess Boards

The Game of Chess has been around for well over 1,000 years. It is without a doubt one of the best board games ever created. But finding a place to leave a chess set displayed and finding time to play the game can be challenging.

The Patented Straight Up Chess boards are perfect today's busy life style. The chess board tiles become the back drop to the chess pieces sitting on narrow acrylic shelves and the decorative frame adds the finishing touch to add a little fun and decoration to any home or office. The chess board is off the table, out of the closet, out of the way and beautifully displayed on the wall. Let the game begin!

The original idea for Straight Up Chess was born out of a chess set I made many years ago. The table is 44-inches square with maple and walnut tiles. The board sits on 14-inch turned walnut legs so you can relax in your chair and view the playing surface. I turned the chess pieces out of walnut and cherry. The Kings are 12 inches tall. You can move the chess pieces around the board without leaving your chair using hooked sticks, turned from walnut and cherry. The table takes up a lot of room and I have searched for a place to display it many times. It has been in my home, my office, offices that belong to others and at times in storage. I considered taking the legs off the table, mounting the board on the wall and putting shelves to the side of the board to display the chess pieces. Then while sitting on eternal phone hold, I envisioned how that chess set would look on the wall, and it hit me, “What if I could put it on the wall and still play chess?". In that instant Straight Up Chess was born.

Straight up chess boards are called a lot of names, beautiful, artistic, decorative, brilliant, classy and fun but the most consistent thing I hear from my customers is "The best conversation piece EVER"

Why are the Straight Up Chess Chess Boards Rectangle in shape?

Just like flat boards (you know the old fashion kind) are square because they are designed around the base of the chess pieces, Straight Up Chess boards are rectangle because they are designed around the profile of the chess piece. The rectangle shape is also a better design for the wall.I know it looks a little strange at first, but make a couple moves and you’re on your way. The angles are a little different and that may take a game or two to get use to.

Move markers Every Straight Up Chess boards comes with move markers for 'Last Move' and 'Check', as show here.

Hanging the Boards:

Straight Up Chess boards hang on the wall just like art. I put a 60 pound D-ring hook on the back of the board and send a wall hook designed to hold 50 pounds, as shown in the photo, along with every board. The boards with chess pieces will weight from 13 to 17 pounds depending on the weight of the frame and the chess pieces. I normally put two hooks on boards with heavy metal sets and for oversized custom boards. If you prefer two hooks, please let know and I'll set you up at no extra charge.

Straight Up Chess board sizes:

You can now order boards for 2" to 4.5" chess pieces. That 2.5" size difference is 20" is the height of the board. The standard Straight Up Chess set is designed for a 3" chess set, which is based on the tallest piece in the set, normally the King. The overall size will vary depending on the frame, but a rule of thumb is 34"x22". I keep in stock boards for the 3" chess pieces and some of the 2.5" and 2" sets.

Another option for tall chess pieces is to build a display board as show here. I can design these boards for most any set. In this case, this was a 6" set and we only had a width of 20" to hang the board, so that made it a little more narrow then normal. Custom boards are always designed around the chess pieces, size, background and frame. Call or email for pricing on these boards

Refund Policy - I will refund up to 30 days with a 10% restocking charge as long as it is returned without damage. Physical Location is 2555 S Santa Fe Dr, Unit F-1, Denver CO 80223.