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The Best Chess Board Sets at One Unbeatable Affordable Price

Whether you're a chess enthusiast or a collector of fine aesthetic pieces, you will enjoy the eloquence of our unique chess sets as much as the thrill of victory. With our chess sets, you can play alone, setting up gambits to war-game or play against friends and rivals, or even with a stranger just for the love of the game. Whatever your reason for playing chess is, Straight Up Chess proudly offers some of the finest complete chess board sets available.

Enjoy a timeless classic game of chess with complete chess sets here at Straight Up Chess

Complete Unique Chess Sets

  • In this section, you are buying the Chess Boards and Chess Pieces for one price as they are shown. If you just need a board or want to select different chess pieces, go to Build your own Board.
  • Keep in mind, the boards do not vary much in price, it's the chess pieces that make the largest difference in price.
  • If you need to save money, buy the board you like and less expensive chess pieces. The chess pieces are easier to upgrade.