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Purchasing a Straight Up Chess board set is easy. On the menu you can select Complete sets and browse through the many options that include the board and chess pieces for one price. Or you can build your own by starting with Chess Boards on the menu. First click on the background you like, then select from the frame options. On the next page you can select the size of board and put the board in your cart. Then on that same page you will see a link to select the chess pieces and that will show you the options for the board back ground you selected.

My shop is now located in Omaha at 4885 F St., Omaha NE 68117. I am in and out so please call and email if you are interested in stopping by.

Of course you can always pick one up at the shows. Here are the shows I have scheduled at this time. It's been awhile since I have updated this list. Here are the shows I have so far for 2019.