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Where to put the removed pieces

I tried to work a place into the design of the board to put the chess pieces that were removed during play, but they took away from the design. Here are my suggestions.

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Top of Frame Plant stand Velvet Bag
Velvet Bag
Our Price: $7.00
Normally we just sit the removed chess pieces on top the frame as shown here.  If you look at my main photo to the left, you will see a couple pawn sitting on the frame.
A plant stand also works well for holding the remove pieces, but I do not carry these.   You can find them online or in furniture stores.  Recently I saw plant stands at Ikea for about $30.
This is a small velvet bag that can be used to hold the removed pieces.  I would not use this for theme sets.  Price includes the bag and decorative hook.
Glass Shelf
Glass Shelf
Our Price: $35.00
This is a glass shelf that can be attached to the wall just below the board with an alligator bracket.   I wanted the shelves to hug the wall and I had them cut like an airplane wing so as not to have any sharp corners sticking out.   The price includes the shelf, bracket, two screws, wall anchors if needed and instructions.