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Chess Pieces for Black Cherry Chess Boards

I normally recommend Rosewood, Red, Metal and Sheesman (brown) chess pieces

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2.5" Small Red Chess Pieces 3" German Knight Chess Pieces 3" French Rosewood Chess Pieces
Original Traditional Block Chess pieces - Select a size Original Modern Block Chess pieces - Select a size 2.5" Jaques Sheeham
2.5" Jaques Sheeham
Our Price: $50.00
2.5" Aluminum Pieces 2.5" Small Medieval Chess Pieces 3" Supreme Golden Rosewood Chess Pieces
2.5" Aluminum Pieces
Our Price: $60.00
3" Empire Golden Rosewood Chess Pieces 2" Metal set (Italfama) 2.5" Rosewood Omega set
2" Metal set (Italfama)
Our Price: $80.00
2.5" Rosewood Omega set
Our Price: $80.00
3" Golden Rosewood Old English Chess Pieces 3" Metal Chess Pieces 3" Supreme Chess Pieces, Rosewood
3" Metal Chess Pieces
Our Price: $80.00
Metal Camelot set by Italfama 3" Rosewood Stallion Chess Pieces 3.25" Regal Set
3.25" Regal Set
Our Price: $90.00
3" Burnt Chess Pieces 3" Columbian Golden Rosewood Chess Pieces 3" Murphy in BudRosewood
3" Burnt Chess Pieces
Our Price: $90.00
3" Murphy in BudRosewood
Our Price: $100.00
3" Midget Golden Rosewood Chess Pieces 3" Colored Medieval Bust Chess Pieces 3" Metal Staunton Chess Pieces (Italfama)
3" Rosewood New Imperial 3" Gold and Silver Chess Pieces (Italfama) 2.5" Small Brass Set (Italfama)
3" Rosewood New Imperial
Our Price: $185.00
3"  Modern Brass and Stainless Chess Pieces (Italfama) Hand Carved Dragon Set out of Deer Antler, Price Inclues board