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Chess Pieces for Black Cherry Chess Boards

I normally recommend Rosewood, Red, Metal and Sheesman (brown) chess pieces

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3" German Knight Chess Pieces 3" Ebonized German Knight Chess Pieces 2.5" Jaques Sheeham
2.5" Jaques Sheeham
Our Price: $55.00
3.25" Regal Set 2.5" Aluminum Pieces 2" Metal set (Italfama)
3.25" Regal Set
Our Price: $65.00
2.5" Aluminum Pieces
Our Price: $65.00
2" Metal set (Italfama)
Our Price: $80.00
3" Metal Chess Pieces 3" Supreme Chess Pieces, Rosewood Metal Camelot set by Italfama
3" Metal Chess Pieces
Our Price: $80.00
3" Red Royal Set 3" Rosewood Stallion Chess Pieces 3" Columbian Golden Rosewood Chess Pieces
3" Red Royal Set
Our Price: $85.00
3" Burnt Chess Pieces 3" Colored Medieval Bust Chess Pieces 3" Metal Staunton Chess Pieces (Italfama)
3" Burnt Chess Pieces
Our Price: $95.00
3" Rosewood New Imperial 3" Gold and Silver Chess Pieces (Italfama) 2.5" Small Brass Set (Italfama)
3" Rosewood New Imperial
Our Price: $195.00
3"  Modern Brass and Stainless Chess Pieces (Italfama) Hand Carved Dragon Set out of Deer Antler, Price Inclues board